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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A gun on my head

It is cold and rough,

It is terrible and tough,

Extremely hard to escape,

Am I doing a mistake?

Tears and sweat,

Making my cloth wet,

Accompany by the fear, in my mind,

There’s only one thing,

Knowing the death is waiting..

Hope that I still have a chance,

Please, give me more time,

To seek for forgiveness,

To fix the ugliness..

I’m still single,

Hope that I can live longer,

Please, don’t kill me,

I will give you all my money..

Where’s the Superman, Spiderman or Batman?

Please, lend me a hand!


Suddenly, the black thing shouts,

And I thought it is blackout..


The stream of life is flowing,
The black dot is shivering,
or engulfing..
Life goes on,
Till brittle shoulders bear the encumbrance no more...
Flood of tears,
Flood of reality..
Tectonic upheaval of emotions,
Clinging to despair..
Buds of love blossoming at a chosen nook,
But wilting in cursed cranny..
Life goes on..
Till debris of hope blown to realm of scarcity..
Blunders, a multitude of blunders creeping under solemn souls..
Beware, the candle of life still breathiness..
Till what surpasses fate surfaces..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010



Quoting a 28 years old secondary school teacher, Muhammad Munis Musa,” Implementation is not going to be easy. The teachers need to be trained in their method of delivery. It requires sensitivity and tact from them and parents of students.

From this quotation, it shows that the government need to spend a lot of money for the implementation of Sex Education as they have to organize a lot of programs for teachers in Malaysia and also in producing the textbooks. The teachers need to be exposed to this new subject first before the students. They need to learn the most effective way to deliver it, know how to manage the students, think out of the box, and so on. As the cost for this subject to be implemented in the system of education is extremely high, I think that it is not worth for the government to continue this idea. The money can be spend on things that are much more important. Besides, this idea might give drawbacks as the number of subject increases. The students might become stress if they cannot manage the time wisely, consequently will also affect other subjects. We still did not know whether it works or not, and we need to wait for a long time to get the results of this program. Is it worth?

Friday, January 15, 2010


Born in the Mahathirism era, he starts his life with a happy family. Living in just a small village with many types of people, he gets to know what the world is about, gets experiences from day to day, loves his family for everything, and so on. He has been brought up in a moderate and peaceful environment, seeing smiles quotidianly from his parents and siblings, and currently everything is not as the same as the past. The smiles on faces become less and less conspicuous. Lots of conflicts had happened and everything nice and tough always stuck in his mind.

There are lots of uninteresting things about this guy. Talking about his personalities, his characteristics, just a few things can describe it. As a matter of fact, he is a demure person, he did not like to talk and prefer to zip his mouth tightly just like there are tonnes of precious gold and diamond inside his mouth. This attitude automatically made him an underdog student, and also made others think that he is an arrogant and uncordial person. But, it doesn’t mean that he does not have friends at all and live in loneliness throughout his life forever. One who gets to know him will definitely think that he’s actually a nice and courteous person although he also has his own bad habits.

Another thing about him is that he used to be nerd when he was in primary school, making him very excellent in academic at that time. However, he has already changed as he entered secondary education. Things changed. When he was in secondary school, he really hates rules that burden him from getting freedom. Unfortunately, when entering pre-university life he realises that rules are very pivotal in human’s life especially its purpose in nurturing one’s attitude and discipline. For him, living in a student house while studying nowadays makes him become indolent because lack of rules. Now, he should think about making his own rules so that he can make sure that he can be a triumphant man in future, fulfilling his ambitions and goals.

2009 was a year where he found out that he has a problem with his health. It was a hard thing to accept for him. Knowing that he has the drawback, he thought that it was not worth studying for a few years and getting good results for SPM. He had been rejected from the place where he really wanted to pursue his study which is Malaysia Airlines Training Centre (METC) because of his medical problem. This sad news totally had made him feel that he will be remaining at home for the entire life as no institutions is willing to accept him. He lost his weight for worrying excessively about this matter. Supports that he got from his parents, especially his lovely mother had boost up his spirit to pursue his study at KBU international college and he will use this precious chance wisely.

In addition to that, this person likes to listen to music during free time. Usually he will listen to instrumental songs and sometimes he prefers to listen to rock genre songs. He loves listening songs from a rock band named My Chemical Romance (MCR), and for the local band he will choose Hujan and Bunkface, which are very famous because of their unique voices. The most favourite song for him is Cancer, a song from MCR that was about a young girl that suffered from cancer. He loves it so much as the lyrics are so beautiful and the song’s melody is so fascinating.

Last but not least, this guy likes to draw and play guitar when he feels boring. Even though he just started learning to play this instrument and produce dreadful melody, it will make him felicitous, yet can eliminate his stress. One engaging fact about him is that he begins to make drawings when he was just four years old. His father will always buy him pencil colours and a set of drawing paper. But, one thing that he really hates about this hobby is that it has changed his life, giving him the medical problem which is a heart problem unconsciously resulting of an accident in way of saving his beautiful outwork. That’s it. People make mistakes. So, from that he’d learnt that his health should be put as the most precious gift throughout his life.